We just wanted to take a second and thank you for the outstanding generosity of our church. Because of you, everything we do is possible. 

Thank you for all your support!

Thank you so much for your support in our ministries. We take each offering as a major blessing to what we are trying to accomplish.


We have been called by God to do great things in and around our community and none of it would be possible without your financial support.


Every penny of your gift will be put to great use for God's work in our lives, You are the church. 


Anything you do is greatly appreciative. No matter which method you give, it's all a gift.

Other ways to give!

You may setup Circleville First Church as a payee in your online bill pay banking partner- use our address as the mailing address and the church name as the pay to the order of line.


You may also setup re-occuring payments to be sent from your bank- biweekly, semi-monthly, etc.


If you are looking for ways to give in a non-financial manner, we provided a list below of some options that you may be interested in.


Thank you again for your continued support. God bless.

  • Donations of clean childrens clothing
    • Ages 3-12
  • Childrens ministry volunteer 
    • Sunday Mornings
    • Wednesday Nights
  • Special Event setup or cleanup
  • Special gathering donation of food
  • Volunteer!!
    • We can help direct you based on what's the best fit for you and church needs.